Bridget Burton


Bridget Burton is a published author, business consultant and soft jazz recording artist who decided it was time to write a children’s sing-a-long book.

She was inspired by the boundless energy and shenanigans of her real English Springer Spaniel Annie and her love of the captivating garden isle of Kauai, Hawaii. Having visited Kauai on vacation, she decided to write about it from the dog’s perspective.

Bridget lives in La Jolla, California with her husband Roy, their grown children Ryon & Kristina nearby, and, of course, Annie.




Kathleen Becker is an illustrator and artist, who has worked in children’s education for more than 20 years. Her understanding of children’s inquiring minds and way of learning are combined with her artistic talent in the books she illustrates. Kathleen captures the personalities of the animals she creates in whimsical settings, with just the right mixture of color and design. Kathleen has a grown daughter, Nikki and resides in Los Alamitos, California with her three cats.